Are Our Kids Having Too Much Homework?

Perhaps you have witnessed the discomfort of having to see your kid shed tears because of the hours put into doing the homework and yet they are not able to make any headway with the homework. You might have struggled throughout the weekend to help your kids with their homework without making headway? For those in that category; there will be an outcry against the magnitude of homework that they have on their hands- every day an assignment is given.

A Research Into Homework

When we take a look into the figures; a comparison between what obtained in the past and what is the trend nowadays does not support the fact that the homework is getting too much. However, it should be stated clearly that the statistics from NAEP cannot be relied on to achieve the true picture of the magnitude of homework and its effects on students. This is because the night before the test; teachers do not give homework because they want their students to catch enough results the night before the exams. Asking them how much homework they did the night before on the day of the test is seen to be dishonest.

A Fact That Cannot Be Denied

It is a known fact that parents in their times are not made to do any homework. Too much homework can be defined as the trend from high achieving parents who demand the best from their kids in their future. This is necessary for the child in future life because it will make them stand out to be counted among the best wherever they find themselves in future life endeavors.

The 10 Minute Rule

To balance out the status quo; it was would be ideal to go by the 10-minute rule advocated by Cooper. It is a brilliant way of giving not too much and at the same time not too small for each category of students. It is 10 minutes for the first graders; 20 for second graders and so forth. It is however discovered that more homework is never a guarantee for higher grades. So is this rule is applied to homework according to the grade of the student; there will be fewer complaints on the subject matter of homework.

Effective Homework

This has to do with the mentality of the teacher. Where is the student weak in class? Homework should be assigned in that area and there should be a follow-up to determine the results achieved the next day. Did the student have any difficulty doing the homework? Areas of weaknesses can easily be detected and cheap assignment help rendered to the student to overcome the challenge. This way, the student will appreciate the homework and it will make the desired impact on the student.


Homework should not be considered as too much in any way if the teachers give it the way it should be given because it serves as an extension of the classroom and a good test of the ability of student’s comprehension of the lesson thought during the day.

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