Are Our Kids Having Too Much Homework?

Perhaps you have witnessed the discomfort of having to see your kid shed tears because of the hours put into doing the homework and yet they are not able to make any headway with the homework. You might have struggled throughout the weekend to help your kids with their homework without making headway? For those in that category; there will be an outcry against the magnitude of homework that they have on their hands- every day an assignment is given.

A Research Into Homework

When we take a look into the figures; a comparison between what obtained in the past and what is the trend nowadays does not support the fact that the homework is getting too much. However, it should be stated clearly that the statistics from NAEP cannot be relied on to achieve the true picture of the magnitude of homework and its effects on students. This is because the night before the test; teachers do not give homework because they want their students to catch enough results the night before the exams. Asking them how much homework they did the night before on the day of the test is seen to be dishonest.

A Fact That Cannot Be Denied

It is a known fact that parents in their times are not made to do any homework. Too much homework can be defined as the trend from high achieving parents who demand the best from their kids in their future. This is necessary for the child in future life because it will make them stand out to be counted among the best wherever they find themselves in future life endeavors.

The 10 Minute Rule

To balance out the status quo; it was would be ideal to go by the 10-minute rule advocated by Cooper. It is a brilliant way of giving not too much and at the same time not too small for each category of students. It is 10 minutes for the first graders; 20 for second graders and so forth. It is however discovered that more homework is never a guarantee for higher grades. So is this rule is applied to homework according to the grade of the student; there will be fewer complaints on the subject matter of homework.

Effective Homework

This has to do with the mentality of the teacher. Where is the student weak in class? Homework should be assigned in that area and there should be a follow-up to determine the results achieved the next day. Did the student have any difficulty doing the homework? Areas of weaknesses can easily be detected and cheap assignment help rendered to the student to overcome the challenge. This way, the student will appreciate the homework and it will make the desired impact on the student.


Homework should not be considered as too much in any way if the teachers give it the way it should be given because it serves as an extension of the classroom and a good test of the ability of student’s comprehension of the lesson thought during the day.

When Can We Say Homework Is Too Much?

There is a growing concern about how much homework should be given to students. Is the extra work after school hours necessary? Some parents see homework as a burden that should not be in the first place because to them, it adds no value to their kid’s education. If the intention of the teacher is right; the quality of the homework is topnotch; then one can boldly say that such a category of homework will help the learning process of the child. In some instances, additional work hurts; we are going to share the reality of both divides below.

Assignments Help Students To Learn

Quality homework as described is the one that is based on the content of the lesson learned earlier in the day. This is a way of increasing the retentive memory of the students and helping them to recap what they have earlier learned in the classroom. It gives parents the opportunity to get involved in the learning process of their kids. With those positives; homework no matter how large cannot be said to be too much.

Challenges Before Educators When They Give Homework

When students commit the same mistake all through the homework where the homework is difficult for them to comprehend on their own; it makes a mockery of the entire process because the students will get discouraged.

In some cases, the instructors give the wrong homework which has no bearing on the subject taught earlier on in the class. In that case, the student cannot flow along well with the homework. Where there is no educator to assist the kid in doing the homework; there would be avoidable problems along the line. Where the homework is too tough; they easily get pissed off. When they find it easy; such is considered a waste of their time.

How Much Homework Is Too Much?

It all depends on the teachers involved with the homework. The teacher should be very intentional in the volume of homework to be assigned. The homework should be challenging but not discouraging. It should be one that they can complete within a short period. The perfect homework should be leveraged in such a way that can involve watching a video; reflect on a chapter at home or essay based on feedback earlier received in the classroom.

The homework can be made fun by adding some measure of flexibility into the time of submitting the assignment. This will make the homework less overwhelming for the students. If a student is having a presentation that is due at the same time as an assignment; there will be a clash of interests and the assignment can be considered as too much in such scenarios.

The Other Side Of Childhood

Research findings show that when kids are rested; they become more resilient; creative and confident. The factors should be taken into consideration when giving assignments to students. Assignments should not be one that makes the students labor for hours every night before they turn in the results. The other side of childhood should be put into consideration.

Final Take

The above tips clear the air on when one can say the homework is too much for the student to handle. However, if you are still getting too much homework, try to get a cheap and reliable help service that will match your needs and expectations. But avoid getting scammed by the very first service you come across. We strongly recommend you to check out reviews of mymathgenius and other services, and find a company that will perfectly satisfy you.

Teaching Kids To Focus On Homework? Discover 9 Tricks Here

There are loads of distractions that keep the kids from doing their homework. Parents that want to ignite the interest of their kids into doing their homework must read this blog because 9 of the best tricks, created by 123 Homework professionals, that can be employed to get kids to do their homework in the midst of distractions that are around at home. Here we go!

The Time

The duration of the homework is a big factor if you want to get the best results from the kids. There is a need to break it down. After working for about 5 minutes, allow the kid a respite before cleverly bring back the homework to their attention. 

The Timer

It can be used as a reminder for kids. If the homework is originally expected to last for 5 minutes for instance; you can set the timer for10 minutes. With the timer on and when your kid is derailing; you can remind him/her of the time left through the timer indicator. This will push the kid on. 

Let Them Burn Some Energy

In a situation where your child is the type that bubbles with some energy; you should device a means of wearing the child out a little to achieve the concentration while doing the le walkout outside will do the trick before commencing on the homework.

Be positive

It will do the magic if you give your kids words of encouragement after the homework. This is the tonic needed for them to excel the following time around. Parents can take their kids to begin the assignment early and praise their efforts when they finish ahead of schedule.

Know When To Pause

When you are battling with an assignment that should take you no more than 10 minutes and 30 minutes into it; you have not gotten halfway; then it is time to take a break. When the child has freshened up; you can then come back to the assignment.


The emphasis is more on getting the child to focus on the assignment. It will, therefore, be ideal to eat more of fish and fish supplements because there are scientific proofs in support of the fact that fish supplements can improve the focus in the child.

Partner With Your Kid

The best way to make your kids get along with their homework is to partner with them. When they advance in years and begin to set goals; ask them what becomes of their schedule of homework? You can be of help in planning their schedule in a way that will not stand in the way of their homework.

Time Management

Encourage the child to plan and set goals every week. This is one sure way to ensure that the child makes the best out of every second of their spare time at home.

Your Child’s Capacity

You cannot push your kid beyond the limit. It is, therefore, necessary to put your child on the scale to know the weight. Pushing any kid beyond their capacity will not yield desired results. Understand the capacity of your child and work within the range.

Final Take

The above are sure tips that will help retain the focus and energy of the kids on their homework.

Coping With Geometry Homework In Only One Hour

If you are like most students, many are the times you find yourself rushing to complete your homework. Doing homework at the last minute is a common practice at school for many reasons. For some students, procrastination leads to last minute rush while for others, there’s just too much to do. Whatever the reason you have for doing your homework late, you need all the geometry homework help you can get.

This article suggests best tips to complete your math problems in only one hour. Read on.

Find A Quiet Study Area
It is attempt to complete your pending homework form any location in an attempt to beat the deadline. You will always see students scribbling fast while on the bus but in most cases they get little done. To complete your geometry assignment fast, identify a quiet place away from all distractions. Your mind will focus making it easy to complete more work within the one hour available.

Review the Assignment
When pressed for time, most students rush to attempt the questions in an attempt to beat the deadline. Inevitably, this only causes more problems and within no time, they get stuck. If you want to complete your assignment in no time, take time to review it by looking at the requirements and number of questions. Organization is the first step when facing a crisis and you will find this more helpful than any math homework help you will get.

Identify All Materials Needed
When reading through the assignment requirements, one of the most important things you will find is a list of materials required. List these requirements and gather them before you settle to attempt the problems.

Take Short Breaks
The homework assignment might look insurmountable but you can make things easier by breaking it into small parts. Look for the simplest questions and work on them first. Working continuously on the assignment slows you down. When you work in short sprints of one or a few problems with breaks in between, you get more work done.

Don’t Panic
However tight the deadline looks, it is possible to complete most or all your math homework. However, it is only possible if you don’t panic. You have to stay in control and this starts with organization. You can also check out if there are tips to deal with this situation from a homework website.

Get Homework Help
The internet technology has made life easier by making it possible to find everything you need in a matter of clicks. When stuck with your math homework, you can get help with geometry homework by going online and identifying the best homework solver. Don’t panic if there’s no time to complete your assignment. These professionals work with you to complete the assignment and meet the deadline.

Psyche Yourself Up
You have a crisis on your hands and the best way to deal with it is to relax, breathe in and psyche yourself in readiness for the task.

If you realize the geometry problems are too many to complete within an hour, go online and get a homework helper.

Simple Solutions For Your Algebra Homework Problems

Algebra is one of the most crucial topics in mathematics. It is a gatekeeper to higher-level mathematics and if you can understand the basics, you will have an easy time doing your math assignments throughout school. In fact, algebra forms the foundation most topics and even other subjects. The problem is that most students have problems with their algebra homework which means they don’t develop a solid math foundation. To avoid this eventuality, you need to learn early enough how to deal with algebra equations and other assignments.

This article highlights a few simple strategies you can use to get a solid understanding of algebra thus making it easier to solve your homework problems. Keep reading.

Get Involved In Class
Practice makes perfect might sound cliché but not when you have any interest in algebra. To get an understanding of the basics of this important topic, you have to participate in class. Most of the concepts you find in your math homework are easy but that’s only if you learn them practically by solving problems.
Before you look for someone to do your homework, get involved in class and group discussions and you will find it easier to handle any algebra problem.

Use Different Resources
This is a digital age and many of the resources you need to excel in maths are available online. If you always have problems completing your math assignment, go online and download a math homework app. If you search “someone to do my math homework” on any search engine, you will most get an app on your search results.

Try these apps and you will find them helpful as they provide a new perspective in solving math problems. They also have sample problems and answers to help you apply what you have learnt. There are other resources including online calculators, instructional videos among others.

Use A Professional Math Solver
If you have problems understanding algebra concepts, it is time to bring in professional expertise to your personal studies. Go online and search “someone to do my homework for me”. You will get thousands of writing services willing to offer help.
These professionals offer tailored homework assistance. By working closely with a professional, you will understand the idea behind a specific algebra concept making it easy to solve problems in the future.

Ask For Help From Your Teacher
Many students suffer through math classes because they fear asking questions. Now, for a topic as crucial as algebra, this fear will confine you to the periphery of all future math classes. Algebra is the foundation of many other math topics and for this reason; you should have no fear asking questions.

If you can’t understand anything in the algebra problems given, approach your teacher and frankly express your problem. Most teachers say their best students started out among the group who had problems but they were bold enough to seek help.

Stuck with your algebra problems? Go online and search “someone do my algebra homework,” and you will find all the help you need. You don’t have to suffer every time you have to complete your math assignment. Use these tips and get help to solve these problems.